At Neem Institute, we work directly with clients to develop tailored and innovative approaches and solutions that achieve successful outcomes. We leverage the skills and experience of our diverse team to advise clients on issues ranging from PVE to DDR and post-conflict recovery. We take a 360° approach to our advisory work, taking into account all perspectives and context.

Professional Development

Research shows that businesses that invest in the professional development of their employees and provide them with opportunities for advancement significantly improve the overall efficiency of their organisations and increase revenues. Neem Institute collaborates with our clients to develop and deliver bespoke training programmes to suit the needs of their employees.

In addition to our trainings, our team of professionals have extensive experience in developing training materials to suit the needs of our clients. We also design bespoke training evaluation tools for clients to appraise trainings, identify gaps, and determine ways of optimising training outcomes, including providing insights and recommendations for the use of the Human Resources (HR) function of a client organisation.

Education & Research

At Neem Institute, we understand the current landscape and the important role that research plays in developing strategies for success. Our team of researchers bring curiosity, rigor, and industry knowledge to helping clients identify and leverage data, achieved through research, to deliver proven analytical solutions.

We have established partnerships with research and academic institutions of international repute to complete cutting-edge research that informs the development of policy, frameworks and projects.

Our work in education centres around improving access to education for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, providing capacity building for teachers and teacher training institutions on the use of creative methodologies of learning and policy work to improve the standard of education in Nigeria. We also produce children's books that are designed to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of children.

Psychology & Wellness

Neem Institute offers a range of diagnostic, treatment, educational and consultation services to help individuals with psychological issues. We also work with organisations to build and support the progress, development and wellbeing of their staff. This includes improving organisational responses to workplace stress which affects productivity and can lead to burn out.

From our Psychology Centre, we provide trauma counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and groups, and provide opportunities for trainings on stress management, resilience building and self-care.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications to us at Neem Institute means building movements and informing responses through education, amplification, engagement and mobilization.

We create and execute bespoke, fully-integrated communications strategies to inform audiences, challenge perceptions, mobilize allies and spark change with measurable results for our clients.

At the core of our work is the focus on helping clients to build relationships and make strong connections with critical stakeholders and the public to bring about meaningful impact for society.